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The waste incineration company

Environmental protection for production processes and facilities

Consulting and development of a huge range of environmental impact product's is our business.

Environmental protection as a primary goal describes very well how we develop our products. 

Innovative environmentally friendly products

We exclusively offer products with the aim of minimizing pollutants and saving energy. We use energy-saving and environmentally friendly production processes and facilities. 

Gentle use of natural resources

We use natural resources as sparingly as possible.
Energy and water, raw and auxiliary materials may only be planned and used effectively and efficiently.

Continuous improvement

The aim is to continuously review and improve the existing environmental and energy management system, as well as all processes and energy-related performance. 

Environmentally conscious project management

Environmentally conscious planning, specification and project implementation means permanent monitoring and compliance with all laws, official requirements, regulations and ordinances.

Environmental protection and the improvement of energy-related performance 

The consideration of environmental protection, the optimization of energy efficiency, which also includes the reduction of energy consumption, must be achievable in all operational concerns. For this purpose, it is necessary to constantly adapt the strategic and operational goals and to demand corresponding rules of conduct.

Avoidance of waste and emissions 

Gases are purified and filtered to the maximum, liquid and solid residues are recycled or disposed of thermally, for example, without endangering people or the environment. This also includes preventive handling of the environment and energy through comprehensive information. 

Avoidance of environmental impacts 

When new products and processes are introduced, their environmental impact and energy efficiency are assessed in order to avoid environmental, energy and safety risks. To this end, we consider the entire service life of our products, including their disposal.

Involvement of customers, suppliers and other interest groups 

In order to avoid environmental pollution and energy waste, we try to promote environmental and energy awareness through our information to customers, suppliers and other interest groups. Our products and services demonstrate this philosophy.